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What Is EdTech – Educational Technology?

June 17, 2022 0 By Madole Labs

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In this article, we will look at what is EdTech – educational technology, its principles and tools. We will also examine the ways in which this technology is used and consider issues that may arise. This article is not intended to be an all-inclusive overview of EdTech. It aims to provide a basic overview of this new educational technology. Regardless of your field of expertise, we invite you to take a few minutes to read over this article.

So…What is Edtech?

Education technology has the ability to transform the way people learn. In many developing countries, teachers devote most lesson time to lectures, in which learners passively copy explanations from the blackboard. Because of limited class time, they rarely get the chance to practice what they’ve learned in class. Students often struggle with homework assignments because they didn’t grasp the lecture material during the lecture. However, EdTech can provide a way for learners to review topics at their own pace.

Educational technology enables teachers to store and share digital repositories of teaching materials. This saves time and energy, particularly in remote classes where materials and information can easily overlap with each other. In addition, the digital repository can be shared with students and caregivers of students. And with the mainstream availability of the Internet, this is a great way to disseminate information. 

Principles of EdTech

A common misconception is that teachers must be well versed in all forms of technology. While technology use is often beneficial, it can be distracting to students and teachers, especially if it is not integrated into the classroom. Teachers should be encouraged to pick promising technologies to incorporate into the classroom. It is best to understand all of the pros and cons of a particular technology before using it to enhance learning. In some cases, the teacher’s knowledge may be outdated and insufficient for integrating technology in the classroom.

Moreover, it is possible to integrate technology into the classroom without disrupting the traditional teaching environment. The use of technology can be paired with pedagogical content methods. A teacher wanted to integrate current events into her classroom, but she had trouble obtaining adequate access to the periodicals. Then, full-text articles were available on CD-ROM and online databases. Teachers were able to learn how to use these tools in the classroom to improve learning.

What Is EdTech

Tools used in EdTech

A new guide compiled by Teachers Pay Teachers details over 90 tools used in educational technology. The new edition of the guide includes six brand-new categories. It also includes a section on hybrid learning and remote learning. Teachers can purchase single-user licenses of the guides from the websites. To download the guides, visit the link above. 

EdTech can improve the efficiency of teachers and help students learn. A popular tool in the United States is ClassDojo, which allows teachers to connect with students, parents, and school leaders. With this tool, teachers can share information with parents and students in a class-wide message group. Students can showcase their work in a digital portfolio. ClassDojo also supports iPhone and Android devices and the Kindle Fire. 

Impact of EdTech on Education

The impact of EdTech on education is measurable, but its impact is not uniform across schools or students. Research shows that students who have access to computers in classrooms tend to perform better on tests than students who do not. However, the impact of educational technology is not just limited to students; it is also important for schools to consider how students use computers. 

Non tech-savvy teachers are sometimes stressed and anxious as a result of the introduction of educational technology into the classroom. This stress may arise from a number of factors, including increased demands from students on the technology or simple unfamiliarity. Training and focus on change management for educators is key in increasing the adoption of EdTech.

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