Break Free From Synology DSM 7 Timeout: Plex Upgrade Magic

Today we explore a fix to upgrade Plex Media Server on Synology DSM 7.x. If you want to run the Plex Media Server on your Synology DSM 7.x NAS, you may or may not know you have two options. One is to install the Beta software available on Package Center, and the second is to do a manual install using the .spk install file. The pro to using the package center option is that it is a quick and easy one-click install. The con to this method is that Synology is typically behind in providing updates to the package, meaning you could be months behind at any given time.

With the second option of a manual install, it is a bit more tedious, but you are in charge of the updates and can remain on top of them as they are released. The problem comes when you need to upgrade Plex. But not anymore; read on!

Upgrade Plex Media Server on DSM 7.x

If you are ready to upgrade your manual install of Plex Media Server on Synology DSM 7.x, here are the steps to follow.

Stop Plex Media Server

Step 1. Log into your Synology with an admin account, and go into the Package Center.

Step 2. Click Installed on the left-hand menu bar to view your installed package.

Step 3. Locate Plex Media Server and click on it (not the Open button).

Step 4. Click the dropdown arrow beside the Open button and select Stop, to manually stop the Plex Media Server application. You will be asked by a dialog box if you are sure you want to stop it. Click Yes.

Once you click Stop, you will see the status change from Running to Manually Stopped.

Download Latest Plex Media Server Software

Step 5. Visit the Plex Downloads page. Click the down arrow beside Choose your platform, and select Synology (DSM 7). A button will appear asking you to Choose Package. Click this.

Step 6. Depending on your model of Synology, select the correct version of the software. I’m running the DS920+ with an Intel processor. The latest version of this model is the DS923. The option I chose was Intel 64-bit. The latest version of the Plex Media Server software will download to your computer in .spk format. Please make a note of its location.

You now have two options in order to proceed with. Option #1 is the Manual Install button in Package Center. If you click this button, you will be prompted for the location of the .spk file. By browsing to it and selecting it, then clicking the Next button, your Synology NAS will attempt to manually upgrade your Plex Media Server. You will be greeted with a “Processing. Please Wait…” message. For many users, this is where the install freezes. If yours doesn’t, congrats, you only need to restart the Plex Media Server software, and you are done. But I suspect if you are still reading this, your install froze. For you…proceed to Step #7 or Option #2.

Enable SSH Access Into Your Synology

Step 7. Option #2 – Back in your Synology, go into the Control Panel, and open up Terminal & SNMP. Check Enable SSH and make a note of the port. The default is 22. Click the Apply button.

It is a best practice only to enable SSH when needed. When you finish doing whatever is required, please disable SSH.

Upload .spk File Into PlexMediaServer Program Folder

Step 8. Close the Control Panel window and go into File Station. Open up the folder containing all your program files (not media) for Plex Media Server. The default folder name is PlexMediaServer.

Step 9. Click and drag the .spk file you downloaded in Step 6 into this folder.

SSH Into Your Synology

Step 10. Using your favourite SSH client, connect to your NAS. If you do not have a client, a popular and free one to use is PuTTY.

Manually Install Updated Plex Media Server Software

Step 11. Once you have connected to your Synology via SSH, and authenticated, type the command below and press enter to change your directory:

cd /var/packages/PlexMediaServer/shares/PlexMediaServerYou should now be at this folder path.
You should now be at this folder path.

Step 12. Now run the command below:

sudo synopkg install <filename>.spk
The filename could be quite long, any you may want to rename the file before running this command. If you do not, just remember it is case sentitive.

Step 13. After pressing enter, you may be prompted for your password. Type it in and press enter. The installation will run.

Check Your Success

Step 14. Go into Package Center on your Synology, and check the version of Plex Media Server. It should be the latest version now, proving a successful upgrade. Click the Run button.

Step 15. Go into Plex and validate that the software is running correctly. You’re done; you have finished the upgrade to Plex!

Don’t forget to turn OFF SSH from Step #7!!!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What causes the ‘Processing Please Wait’ timeout error on Synology DSM 7 when using Plex Media Server?

The error occurs when there is an issue with the transcoding process, which can be due to insufficient resources, an outdated Plex Media Server, or other factors.

Can I still use Plex Media Server on Synology DSM 7 despite the error?

Yes, but the error may cause interruptions in streaming, which can be frustrating. It’s recommended to follow our guide to fix the error and improve the overall performance of Plex Media Server on Synology DSM 7.

Can I prevent the ‘Processing Please Wait’ error from happening in the first place?

To prevent the error, you can optimize your settings in Plex Media Server to use direct play or direct stream instead of transcoding, which can put less strain on your system. However, this may not always be possible or desirable, depending on your media library.

Will upgrading to a more powerful Synology NAS prevent the error from occurring?

While upgrading to a more powerful NAS can improve performance and reduce the likelihood of the error occurring, it’s not a guaranteed solution as the error can still occur due to other factors, such as outdated software.

Can I contact Plex support for help with the error?

Yes, you can contact Plex support for assistance with the error. However, it’s recommended to try the steps in our guide first as they may resolve the issue without needing to involve support.

We hope this article has helped you in resolving this annoying error. Do you have any tips or other solutions? Be sure to share them in the comment section below!

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