How To Lend Your iPhone Securely

How To Lend Your iPhone Securely with Guided Access in 2022

July 25, 2022 0 By Madole Labs

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The next time someone wants to borrow your device to make a call or take a picture, remember these steps on how to lend your iPhone securely.

This past weekend, my daughter showed me a meme on her iPhone when a chat notification popped up at the top of her device. This got me thinking about how often I will show something on my screen to another person, and I would not want them to access another application or see a notification.

Furthermore, if you think of what the average smartphone now stores or has access to, it can be quite a privacy and security risk to show and share your device with others. Stop and think about your social media profiles, stock trading apps, instant messenger/texting conversations, photos or videos that you would rather others did not see. Apple prides itself on the privacy of others and has built-in functionality to allow you to hand over your iPhone without having to worry about what they might see or get into. The following demonstrates a few preventive measures before handing over your device.

iPhone Guided Access – How To Lend Your iPhone Securely

The setting I learned about on the iPhone is called Guided Access. To enable this privacy feature using iOS 15.x, navigate to your iOS Settings, select the Accessibility menu option, and finally, Guided Access under the General section. Click the Guided Access toggle switch on (it will turn green), and the feature is ready to go. I recommend you use Passcode Settings to set a passcode to protect the Guided Access mode when it is turned on.

guided access
Guided Access is built into iOS. The screenshot is taken from iOS 15.6.

Turning On Guided Access

Now that the feature has been enabled, it is time to check out how to turn Guided Access on. Once you are in the application you want to share, you need to triple-tap the side button to turn on Guided Access. Older devices will find that triple-clicking the home button, if your iPhone has one, will also enable Guided Access. So, for instance, if a stranger needs to make a phone call and wants to borrow your iPhone, you launch the Phone app, then triple-click the corresponding button. Doing so will lock them into the phone app only. To turn it off, triple-click the button again and enter the four-digit code you entered.

Once in Guided Access, you can then tap Options to configure how Guided Access is going to work: You’re able to restrict the volume buttons, side buttons, motion, and keyboards. You can even turn off touchscreen functionality and put a time limit on Guided Access mode. Finally, tapping Start will launch Guided Access.


Whoever is using the iPhone is now locked into the current app. As stated above, you need to open up the app you are sharing first—the Phone app, a particular game, etc.—before you triple-tap the button on your device to launch Guided Access. Then, you get out of Guided Access by triple-tapping the same button once again. Of course, you are prompted with the passcode first that you set at the start. Without it, you remain locked in the app.

The idea is that without the passcode, the person using your iPhone can’t get out of the app you’ve put them in—there’s no way to switch apps, open up the Control Center, or even turn the phone off. One extra option in the Photos app is to hide photos and videos by opening them, tapping the share button (bottom left), and choosing Hide. This hides these pictures and clips in a particular Hidden folder. They won’t be visible in normal view in the Photos app and won’t appear in searches, but the person borrowing your smartphone can still get at them by choosing Hidden from the Albums tab.

We hope this article has helped you learn how to lend your iPhone securely. Do you have any tips or tricks? Be sure to share them in the comment section below.

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