Mike Madole - Madole Labs

Who is Mike Madole?

Meet Mike Madole – an esteemed entrepreneur and business visionary with a rich background spanning over three decades in the realm of Information Technology. As the mastermind behind Madole Labs, Mike leverages his vast experience to craft insightful books and deliver astute analysis on emerging trends spanning cybersecurity, big data, software development, remote work, AI, cloud computing, and data privacy.

Prior to pioneering Madole Labs, Mike was at the helm of several prosperous companies. Here, his role was crucial in steering innovation and propelling exponential growth. With his knack for making even the most intricate tech topics easily digestible, Mike is fervently committed to helping people demystify the complexities of technology.

With his feet firmly planted in both startups and large-scale organizations exceeding $1 billion in the public and private sectors, Mike possesses a unique perspective that transcends the scale of operations. Be it a small business, an individual enthusiast, or a sprawling enterprise, Mike is poised to deliver invaluable insights and guidance.

Madole Labs, based out of Burlington, Ontario, Canada, is a fully registered business entity, championing the mission of making technology more accessible and understandable for all.