With my first introduction to computers being a Texas Instruments TI-99/4A on a black and white tv, saving code on a tape recorder, I naturally cut my teeth in IT as a programmer in the early-to-mid 80s.  Fast-forward, and 25+ years in the Information Technology industry in Canada after University, I continue sharing my thoughts and analysis of the strategy and business side of technology.  With this knowledge, I hope to share it with small business owners or hobbyists to lessen the learning curve for all when it comes to utilizing specific technology hardware, software, or strategy. 

I began in the late 90s delivering technical computer training to end-users and systems administrators, where I recognized the importance of partnering back-office technology with business operations.  After trying my hand with an online shopping mall and B2B procurement startup during the Y2K years, my entrepreneurial spirit took me into supporting medium and large enterprises within the energy sector in Calgary, AB, Canada. 

It was here where I transitioned from a solely-mined technology expert, into a business-focused partner.  This approach to learning and knowledge sharing saw me work through progressively more responsible roles.  After relocating to the Greater Toronto Area, I achieved success as a Vice President of a privately-owned billion-dollar enterprise by achieving 3X organizational growth in six short years.

I have since shifted industries to bring my business acumen into the food services and entertainment sector.  I continue to focus on bringing value through technology to the enterprise, by streamlining processes within the back office.

Speaking Engagements

I have partnered with industry-leading technology companies that trade on the TSX and NASDAQ, where I occasionally agree to speak at engagements for both public and private events.  In the past I have also returned to the University of Calgary to speak with prospective MBA students, sharing my experiences in hopes to provide them with real-life applicable knowledge.  My personal investment of time at these events is not compensated, and I do not do any consulting at this time.  Please note that on occasion I may hold publicly-traded stock in these organizations, as a retail investor.


I take both the integrity of myself and that of my employers very seriously.  I have not been compensated by any organization to speak of them.  Should I ever receive any benefit of any kind (monetary or otherwise), I will publicly acknowledge such receipt, typically within the article.

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Mike Madole is an established IT executive leader, having served in technology, energy, industrial and food service verticals. Successfully delivering strategic direction, vision, growth and performance for startups or publicly-traded organizations in Canada, Mike is now sharing his knowledge via Madole Labs to assist other IT professionals and hobbyists.